Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Days

The past weeks have been quiet.  Some tarot readings for guidance, writing for cover letters and a zine, finishing the first two seasons of Buffy, and a lot of animal cuddles.  The two dogs in the first picture (Pancakes and Buffy) live with me, and the blue-eyed kitten is my little fluff muffin, Hedwig.  I've been stealing herbs such as lemon balm, pineapple sage, lavender, santolina, and camomile for tea and baths.  I can't wait for our garden to be producing plants that I can use for natural dye as well as herbs.  But there's so much work left to do.

This weekend I'll be going to Trans March in San Francisco, but aside from that will be hiding from the Pride festivities happening in the Bay Area.  I'll talk about that more some other day.  Tonight I'm going to A Verb for Keeping Warm for a talk by Stephen West.  Ysolda Teague will also be there to sign books!  Of course, the only people I fangirl over are knitting designers and trans* reality tv stars (that story is also for another day).

Take Care,

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